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Gasket Kit Ford XR6, Territory

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  • Gasket Kit for remounting the turbo onto the engine.
  • Application:    Ford
  • Model:   Falcon XR6 BA/ BF / F6 Typhon / FG / FGF6 / Territory
  • Engine:   Barra, Copperhead, Orion, Hammerhead
  • Turbo Model:   GT3582R
  • To suit turbocharger part number:  723157-5001S, 723157-5002S, 723157-5003S, 723157-5004S, 770596-5001S, 770596-5002S, 772528-5001S, 772528-5002S, 760301-5003S, 774094-5001S, 774094-5002S, 774094-5003S, 774094-5004S, 3R23-9G438-AB, 3R23-9G438-AC, 3R23-9G438-AD, BA2-9G438-A, BA2-9G438-B, 6R79-9G438-AB, SYT-9G438-A, 8R29-9G438-AB, BG-9G438-A, 8R29-9G438-AC, 8R29-9G438-BB, BG-9G438-B